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Cars could soon be communicating with each other using 5G to make drivers aware of upcoming hazards, scientists claim.科学家称,汽车很快就可以通过5G网络互相“对话”,让司机意识到前方的危险。The ultra-fast mobile internet would allow for rapid information transmission and could make drivers aware of black ice, pot holes or other dangers up ahead.超高速的移动互联网将使信息可以快速传输,并让司机意识到前方的黑冰、坑洞或其他危险。Several car manufacturers are already integrating 5G into their vehicles, including as a tool to help usher in the generation of self-driving vehicles.几家汽车制造商已经将5G网络技术融入汽车生产,包括以此来帮助引领自动驾驶汽车时代的到来。Experts at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) believe the high-speed connection will also improve the reliability and capability of automated vehicles to the point where they will be safer than the manual cars being driven today.格拉斯哥喀里多尼亚大学的专家认为,高速互联网还将提高自动化车辆的可靠性和性能,使其比目前使用的手动驾驶汽车更安全。They predict the number of road traffic accidents - which according to the World Health Organisation account for more than 1.3 million deaths and up to 50 million people injured worldwide every year - will drop drastically as a result.他们预测,道路交通事故的数量将因此大幅下降。据世界卫生组织统计,全球每年因道路交通事故死亡的人数超过130万,受伤人数高达5000万。Dr Dimitrios Liarokapis, a member of the research group, said: 'To have a better idea of what the future will look like, think of having Tesla-like cars that not only use sensors to scan what's around them, they can also talk to each other and exchange safety-related information about their surroundings over an area that covers several square miles.研究小组的迪米特里奥斯·利奥卡皮斯博士说:“为了更好地了解未来会是什么样子,想想你有特斯拉那样的车,它不仅使用传感器来扫描周围,车辆之间还可以相互交流,并且交换附近几平方英里内的安全信息。”


'I'm sure anyone who has had a bad experience on frozen roads would have benefited from knowing about the dangerous conditions in advance so they could have adjusted their speed or, if possible, even avoided that route altogether. The same could be said of potholes.“我相信任何在冰冻道路上有过糟糕经历的人都会从提前了解危险情况中受益,这样他们就可以调整车速,如果可能的话,甚至完全避开这条路线。路遇坑洞也是如此。”'With the help of 5G, a vehicle-generated early warning system that alerts drivers is feasible within the next few years. Cars that are close enough to the danger area will transmit warning messages to other cars around them using short-range communication technologies, but also to cars further away using 5G, fast and reliably.“在5G网络的帮助下,未来几年内,可以向司机发出警报的车辆生成预警系统将会出现。距离危险区域足够近的汽车将使用短程通信技术向周围的其他汽车发送警告信息,同时使用5G网络向更远的汽车发送警告信息,快速且可靠。”'Then those cars will send the same information to cars near them and so on, forming a joined-up, multi-vehicle communication chain that stretches far and wide.“然后这些车将同样的信息发送给附近的车,以此类推,形成一个连成一体的多车通信链,延伸到很远很远的地方。”'5G is an exciting mobile technology, which will give a massive boost to smart cities and autonomous vehicles among many other things.'“5G网络是一项激动人心的移动技术,它将极大地推动智能城市和自动驾驶汽车等领域的发展。”Automotive giant Ford is already working on connected cars.汽车巨头福特公司已经开始研发联网汽车。Earlier this year it revealed its intention to fit 80 percent of its 2020 vehicles with technology that warns drivers about upcoming road accidents, bad weather and traffic jams.今年早些时候,该公司透露,计划在今年生产的80%的汽车中配备一种技术,用于提醒司机注意前方的交通事故、恶劣天气和交通堵塞。The system pools data from other connected road users, emergency services and the authorities and beams it from the cloud directly to the car.该系统将来自其他联网道路用户、应急服务机构和管理部门的数据汇聚在一起,并将数据从云端直接传输到汽车上。Alerts pop up on the car's dashboard display warning the driver about what lies around the corner.汽车仪表盘上弹出的警报将提醒司机前方的危险。


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