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Coronavirus: Wildlife Takes Over Cities Across the Globe as Humans Self-Isolate新型冠状病毒:由于人类的居家自我隔离,野生动物占领了全球各地的城市The current situation in the world has made it impossible for humans to go about their normal businesses. Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus in the world, people have been advised to self-isolate themselves with the aim that it will reduce the number of infections.当今全球的形势已经使人类无法进行正常的外出活动。由于新型冠状病毒在世界范围内爆发,人们被建议自我隔离,以减少感染数量。As the entire West is entering into increasingly unprecedented territory with lockdowns, quarantines and social-distancing orders, wildlife in towns and cities has already begun to take over what once were the epicenters of human activity.随着封锁、隔离和社会隔离令的实施,西方国家正进入一个前所未有的时期,野生动物已经开始在大街小巷接管那些曾经是人类活动中心的地方。Well, it seems one creature's poison is another's beef as animals are making use of the opportunity to visit the cities.不过,看来甲之蜜糖,乙之砒霜,动物们正在利用这一机会参观城市。Increasing numbers of animals which normally inhabit the areas outside large cities and towns, are now feeling brave enough to explore urban areas, since their unusual peace and quiet seem to offer them a safe environment in which to do so.动物通常生活在大型城镇以外的地区,现在越来越多动物觉得能鼓起勇气探索城市地区,因为那不寻常的平静和安宁似乎为它们的探险提供了安全的环境。Some of these animals have come to big towns and cities in search of food. Other animals were also seen roaming about as if the pandemic won't come to an end.有些动物已经来到大城市的街头巷尾寻找食物,其他动物四处游荡,似乎这场疫情完全不会结束。Social media is full of videos showing animals taking over towns and cities as a result of the recent lockdowns. While some of the videos are obviously fake, most of them are genuine and show how animals can alter their normal behavior in such conditions.社交媒体上有很多由于最近人们居家隔离,致使动物占领城镇的视频。虽然有些视频明显是假的,但大多数都是真实的,说明了动物在这种情况下是如何改变了它们的正常行为。One such video comes from the town of Llandudno, in Wales.其中一段视频来自威尔士的Llandudno镇。There, the deserted streets of the town came back to vibrant life, but not with humans this time but rather with goats, which entered the city and wandered freely around the main streets of the town.在那里,小镇上的废弃街道又恢复了生机,但这次不是因为人类,而是山羊,它们进入了城市,在小镇的主要街道上自由漫步。The goats rampaging around lockdown Llandudno are a true inspiration.在封锁期间的Llandudno,横冲直撞的山羊真的是个灵感的来源。The beautiful animals were even seen eating grass and bushes from private front gardens of many houses!你甚至可以看到这种美丽的动物在很多房子的私人花园里吃草和灌木!


Earlier in March, when the coronavirus pandemic was hitting Asian nations hard, deer from Japan's famous Nara Parkleft the premises of the green space looking for food in the middle of the city of Nara.今年3月初,当新型冠状病毒在亚洲肆虐时,日本著名的奈良公园的鹿离开了公园,开始在奈良市中心寻找食物。CCTV footage caught the beautiful animals wandering around, munching on anything they could find in the nearly-deserted city.电视镜头捕捉到了这些美丽的动物四处游荡,大口咀嚼任何它们能在这个几乎空无一人的城市里找到的东西。Less tourists in Nara = less people feeding the deer in the parks. Now they're venturing out into the city eating flowersand plants, per Fuji TV.奈良的游客越来越少=公园里喂鹿的人越来越少。据富士电视台报道,现在他们正冒险进入城里去吃花草。However, it's not just small ormedium-sized towns and cities experiencing these incidents.然而,经历这种事情的不只是中小城镇。Large metropolises such as Paris, have also seen peculiar scenes involving animals in these times.像巴黎这样的大都市,在这一时期也出现了和动物有关的奇特景象。Parisians, who have been in lockdown forseveral days now, have seen ducks walking around the Comedie Francaise theatre, taking in the many sights in the City of Lights.巴黎人已经宅在家好几天了,他们看到了鸭子在法国喜剧剧院里走来走去,欣赏着这座灯光之城的景观。The birds most likely left the Seine Riverin an attempt to find some food, since tourists and locals are not feeding themanymore.它们很可能是为了寻找食物而离开塞纳河的,因为游客和当地人已经不再给它们喂食了。VIDEO: As France continues its #coronavirus confinement, wildlife is claiming back some of the public space. Ducks are no longer content to stay near the Seine river, they now wander the quiet streets of Paris as on Friday evening near the Comedie Francaise theatre.视频:法国继续施行新冠病毒限制令,野生动物正在夺回一些公共空间。鸭子们不再满足于呆在塞纳河附近,如今它们在巴黎安静的街道上漫步,周五晚上它们聚集在法国喜剧剧院附近。Another, muchmore unsettling, video showed a group of starving pigeons in a city in Spain trying to find some food from the shopping trolley of a passerby.另一个更令人不安的视频显示,在西班牙的一个城市,一群饥饿的鸽子试图从一个路人的购物车里找到食物。The video shows the extent of the problem that city-dwelling animals now face, as most humans are not feeding them anymore, and they are not able to find much food on their own in such an urbanized place.视频展示出了城市动物现在面临的问题的严重程度,因为人们不再喂养它们,所以在这样一个城市化的地方,它们无法自己找到很多食物。Someone sent this video of Spain. Since no one is feeding pigeons now they started following humans for feed. Harsh times of our lives #CoronavirusLockdown #COVID-19有人发了西班牙的一个视频……因为现在没有人喂鸽子了,它们开始跟随着人类想寻找食物。我们生活的艰难时刻#新冠病毒居家隔离 #新冠病毒Similar scenes, either of hungry animals and birds, or happy ones showing them finally enjoying the delights of urban life unfettered, have been seen in countless towns and cities across the globe.无论是饥饿还是快乐的动物和鸟类最终享受着无拘无束的城市生活的类似场景,在全球无数的小镇和城市中都可以看到。Coronavirus in Catalonia — Boars descend in droves from the hills to the very center of Arenysde Mar, a coastal town near Barcelona, after more than a week of lockdown.西班牙加泰罗尼亚的新型冠状病毒形势——经过一周多的封锁,野猪成群结队地下了山,来到巴塞罗那附近的海滨小镇阿雷尼斯德马尔的中心地带。In Thailand, quite a number of monkey were seen on the streets in search of food.在泰国,人们看到很多猴子在街上寻找食物。


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