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北京奥运场馆未被充分利用 吉祥物雕像被扔弃

Huanhuan, one of five Chinese Olympic mascots, lies abandoned outside an unfinished mall in Beijing.中国奥运会五个吉祥物之一的欢欢,被丢弃在北京一家未建成的商场外。Once a proud talisman of the 2008 Beijing games, the character -- a traditional Chinese "good luck" doll whose fiery headdress symbolised the Olympic torch -- now lies in a field outside an unfinished mall started during the pre-game construction boom.奥运吉祥物欢欢曾是2008年北京奥运的骄傲护身符。它具有中国传统的福娃形象,其酷烈的头花象征的是奥运火炬。而如今它躺在一处在奥运会前建筑热潮中开工的烂尾购物中心里。He is one of six large mascot statues on the premises who have fallen down and out in the eight years since the high of the capital's enthusiasm for the games.它是这一场地内6个巨型吉祥物雕像中的一个,这些吉祥物在北京奥运热潮达到顶点以后的8年里已经变得潦倒落魄。Their derelict state reflects the challenges that China has faced in finding new uses for its Olympic investments, with many venues falling into disrepair and some construction projects left incomplete.它们遭到废弃的状态反映了中国在为奥运投资寻找新用途方面面临的挑战,许多场馆陷入破败荒废,一些建筑工程尚未竣工便被扔下。

北京奥运场馆未被充分利用 吉祥物雕像被扔弃

China sealed its place on the world stage as an emerging superpower in the 2008 Games, which were estimated to have cost the country around $40 billion.中国通过2008年奥运会在世界舞台上锁定了其新兴超级大国的地位。而据估计,这共花费了大约400亿美元。Beijing's willingness to spend big helped it win a bid last summer to host the 2022 winter Games, beating a string of European cities that withdrew due to public concerns over costs. The capital will be the only city in sporting history to host both summer and winter Olympics.而北京进行巨额投资的意愿帮助它在去年夏天击败一连串欧洲国家赢得了2022年冬季奥运会的主办权。北京将是体育史上唯一主办过夏季和冬季奥运会的城市。Today, venues such as the Bird's Nest, which cost 3.6 billion yuan to build and the nearby Water Cube, with its bubbled exterior and 1.3 billion-yuan price tag, remain underused. They mostly play host to curious tourists, as few events can fill their massive capacity. But they and nine other venues from the 2008 Games will be re-used in 2022.今天,奥运会场馆如耗资36亿美元打造的鸟巢,以及旁边泡沫外观、花费13亿美元的水立方仍在使用中。它们大多用于接待好奇的游客,因为很少有活动需要这么大容量的场馆。不过,它们和其他九个2008年奥运会场馆都将被再次用于2022年冬奥会。It's not clear if Beijing is planning a Winter Olympics comeback for the formerly fab five, but for the time being, they remain little more than a distant memory.目前还不清楚北京是否打算在冬奥会上重新启用这五个福娃,但现在看来,它们只是一点遥远的记忆罢了。


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