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菲律宾灵魂跳水走红 吴敏霞高颜值男友曝光

菲律宾灵魂跳水走红 吴敏霞高颜值男友曝光

As the most precise and well-trained athletes are in action at the Olympics, social media users are sharing an extraordinary performance from the qualification for the diving event - that of Filipinos John Elmerson Fabriga and John David Pahoyo.


Both men managed to score zero points at the Southeast Asian Games last year for their backflips.


The Filipino pair predictably failed to qualify for these Olympics but, it would appear, they are being missed.


The duo were named several people's "favourite team" in Rio - despite their non appearance.


Several people were asking what time their next event at the Olympics was because it would be "can't miss television."


Anyone know what time these fellas are on today?!?


Cannot stop laughing at that Filipino diving video. How is that even possible at Olympics?


Job opportunity. Diving coach wanted. Must be able to leave for the Philippines immediately.


Wu Minxia splashed into the Olympic record books on Sunday, passing legends like American Greg Louganis and "big sister" Guo Jingjing as the most decorated diver in history.


Wu became the first person with five diving gold medals thanks to a no-doubt victory with partner Shi Tingmao in the women's synchronised 3m springboard that kicked off the Rio Games competition.


"I'm really happy to get this medal. We all wished that the Chinese divers would have a good performance during the Olympic Games," Wu said afterward.


Wu had nothing but praise for Guo after surpassing her one-time mentor.



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